Barack Obama WavingWhen historians attending aback at the 2008 presidential landslide, they won’t focus on the actuality that Barack Obama — anon to be our 44th President and our aboriginal African-American Commander in Chief — ran a acute and abiding campaign. They won’t focus on William Ayers or Joe the Plumber or socialism or racism. They won’t agitation whether John McCain blew it by targeting Pennsylvania or by alienated the columnist or by blank the Rev. Jeremiah Wright or by acrimonious Sarah Palin as a active mate. They won’t bethink the robo-calls or “cling” or the Paris Hilton ad or the crazy banty who carved the B into her face. The pundits bushing airtime on their 24-hour account channels ability accept cared, but breed won’t.

No, aback historians assay the 2008 campaign, they’re activity to bethink that the two-term Republican President had 20% approval ratings, that the abridgement was in meltdown, and that Americans didn’t appetite addition Republican President. They’ll additionally bethink that Obama was a change applicant in a change election. And of advance they’ll bethink that America adopted a biracial baton beneath than a half-century afterwards Jim Crow. But that’s aloof about all they’ll remember. Backroom is a lot simpler than the pundits pretend.

The Republican recriminations will be ugly, but McCain was apparently the best electable applicant the affair had: a 18-carat war hero with an absorbing almanac of accessible account that didn’t consistently accommodate boot in lockstep with George W. Bush. He threw some Hail Mary passes — Palin; the “suspension” of his attack — but he didn’t accept abundant of a best adjoin a Democratic tide. He was the appropriate guy in the amiss year. If Washington Republicans adjudge that he absent because he was too doughy on clearing or too pro-regulation in his acknowledgment to the bread-and-butter crisis or too mavericky, they could acquisition themselves cocooning in the wilderness for a continued time. (See pictures of John McCain’s final advance on the attack trail.)

Remember what eight years of Republican aphorism has wrought: missing weapons of accumulation destruction, the promises we’d be greeted as liberators, Jessica Lynch, torture, the abrasion of Afghanistan. Also: Enron, WorldCom, Bear Stearns, AIG, Fannie and Freddie, GM, Chrysler, Social Security privatization, the $700 billion bailout. Also: Brownie, John Ashcroft accoutrement up that bare-breasted bronze at the Justice Department, Alberto Gonzales politicizing the Justice Department, Harriet Miers, the oil lobbyist who edited those all-around abating reports. Also: Jack Abramoff, Duke Cunningham, Bob Ney, Tom DeLay, Ted Stevens. Also: the Vice President attempt a guy, and the President about abashed to afterlife on a pretzel. (See the screwups of Attack ’08.)

And McCain still about won Virginia! It’s activity bottomward to the wire in Florida! All things considered, that’s a appealing absorbing showing.

The pundits are already admonishing that Obama could overreach, that Democratic aldermanic leaders are still unpopular, that this is still a center-right country. But it wasn’t tonight. Obama will accept the affluence of demography appointment at a time aback the GOP is the AIG of balloter politics, aback his antecedent has set the everyman bar aback James Buchanan, aback a allegedly bourgeois Administration aloof started nationalizing the cyberbanking system, aback the accessible is atrocious for change. What is it about tonight’s after-effects that suggests Obama should be abashed of accelerating activity on the bend of a depression?

(See pictures of the attack from Barack Obama’s point of view.)

But those are questions for addition day. The big account tonight is that whether or not there’s a Bradley effect, it’s boilerplate abreast as big as the Bush effect. And now a guy who would accept had to ride the aback of the bus in some of this country aback he was a kid has developed up to run this country. Historians will bethink that.

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